PCR test answer within 6 hours

Within 6h

✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test
✓ Issued by a certified doctor
✓ Safe sampling (throat/nasal)
✓ Digital certificate within 6 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week

895 SEK

Paid on site


PCR test and travel certificate with test results within 6 hours. The sampling is carried out with a sampling stick that has been developed to capture viruses or viral particles from both the nose and the throat. With this PCR test, you can decide in consultation with the nurse which sampling method is preferred before the sampling is performed. The sample is analyzed as quickly as possible after sampling. Test answers and associated travel certificate are sent digitally within 6 hours.

This is how it works: Book an appointment for sampling at one of our clinics. Upon arrival, you need to show valid identification and pay for the PCR test. Sampling is then carried out. The visit normally takes about 10 minutes.

Test answers: Test answers and travel certificate will be sent to you digitally within six hours. Provided you are a citizen of an EU country, you will also receive a test certificate issued by the E-health authority.

What to think about before taking the test: One hour before taking the sample, you should avoid eating, drinking, smoking or sniffing.

Valid & CE-marked PCR test.
Digital travel certificate.
Signed and issued by a certified doctor.
Safe sampling.


Do you need a PCR test for the trip?

During the pandemic, there has been a great need for PCR testing and also many requirements for presenting a negative test when travelling. At all our receptions you can book an appointment for PCR test sampling with answers from 2 hours. Associated travel certificates are always sent out together with the test answer. All travel certificates contain the necessary data for travel and are issued in English:

  • ✓ QR code
  • ✓ Sampling method
  • ✓ Time for sampling
  • ✓ Analysis method
  • ✓ Time of issuance
  • ✓ Doctor's signature
  • ✓ Nursing unit
  • ✓ Contact info
  • ✓ Language, English / Japanese

What is meant by a PCR test?

PCR is an abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction and refers to an analysis method for, among other things, identifying genetic material from the coronavirus (RNA). The test is used to demonstrate that you do not have an ongoing covid infection or that you have been exposed to the virus in the near future. PCR tests are considered to have high reliability because they can identify small volumes of nucleic acids from SARS-CoV-2, both early and after the course of infection.

When will I receive my certificate after the test?

We offer PCR tests with test results within 2 hours and answers the same day before midnight. When booking a PCR test 6 hours we guarantee test results within 6 hours from the time the sample is taken at our clinic.

What happens if I get a positive test result for covid-19?

If the test result shows the presence of nucleic acid (RNA) from covid-19, you will receive a certificate certifying a positive answer. Provided you also experience symptoms or that you have recently been ill, you should stay at home until you have been fever-free for two days and feel generally better.

This is how the test works

The sampling is performed by experienced staff at one of our clinics in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Test results and (including any travel certificate) are sent digitally via e-mail.

1. Book a time

We will always send you the test result within the same day.

2. Sampling

Simple, safe and smooth sampling.

3. Analysis

The sample is sent for analysis.

4. Result or travel certificate

The result is sent digitally.

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PCR test answer within 6 hours

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✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test
✓ Issued by a certified doctor
✓ Safe sampling (throat/nasal)
✓ Digital certificate within 6 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week

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Travel certificateEU certificate*Japanese certificate
PCR - Throat
PCR - Nasopharyngeal

* We are connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate.


RT-SIBA / ISOTHERMAL PCR test via Qlifes Q200 Egoo System automated In Vitro Diagnostic medical device (IVDD), registered under GMDN Code 61039 and CE-marked.