Health check Large

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General health check

Health check Large

2 195 kr
  • Health check - Large.
  • Analysis of 52 health markers.
  • Helps you identify outliers.
  • A doctor's report is included in the health check.
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The big health check

This is a general health check for both men and women, designed to give you a deeper understanding of your overall health status. The health check includes analyzes across a wide range that include biomarkers for checking hormonal balance, heart and blood vessels, blood status, kidney function, liver status, diabetes, inflammation and measurement of mineral and vitamin levels. Gain knowledge about your blood values, examine whether you are at risk for disease and follow your health data over time to optimize your health.

Check your general health status

To protect your health in the long term, it is important to be aware of possible risks for diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke. These diseases are strongly linked to factors such as lifestyle, including physical activity, smoking and dietary habits. By charting your blood values, you can get a clearer picture of how your values are in relation to reference values and get help identifying if you are in the risk zone for diseases or suffer from a lack of important substances such as vitamins or minerals. Being aware of your health status allows you to take timely action and make changes in your lifestyle to improve your health and prevent potential problems in the future.

Detect outliers

We help you identify any deviations and give you good conditions to take the next step towards better health. If you already feel today that your health is somewhat deteriorating, it may be a good time to carry out a general health check. Find out the reason why you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, lower energy, deteriorating physical condition and fitness, difficulty concentrating, high stress or dizziness. All your test results are reviewed by a licensed doctor who writes a statement, you also have the opportunity to discuss your test results over the phone.

What is analyzed in the health check?

Your blood samples are analyzed by an accredited laboratory and sent for review to a licensed physician who takes a closer look at the following different areas:

  • Blood status: An analysis of blood status gives an overall picture of the blood's various cells and can detect anemia and abnormal immune defenses.
  • Diabetes: We investigate the presence of diabetes by measuring the blood sugar level and can identify signs of type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Heart and blood vessels: We examine blood fats, which are a risk factor for heart and blood vessel diseases. By analyzing the blood sample, we can detect abnormal blood fat values.
  • Kidney function: We assess kidney function by analyzing the blood sample and can identify causes of kidney diseases such as heredity, smoking, diabetes or obesity.
  • Liver function: We provide information about your liver values through analysis of the blood sample and can detect high liver values.
  • Vitamins: We assess your vitamin status by analyzing the blood sample. Lack of vitamins can affect the body in different ways, and we can help you identify any deficiencies.
  • Minerals: We examine your mineral status by analyzing the blood sample. Lack of minerals can lead to symptoms such as concentration problems, headaches and dizziness.
  • Thyroid: We evaluate thyroid function and can identify thyroid abnormalities that can cause symptoms such as palpitations, fatigue and depression.
  • Inflammation: By measuring CRP in the blood, we can detect infections or inflammation in the body, which can be an indication of an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Order a health check today - test yourself already tomorrow

When you order a health check with us, we send the referral directly to the sampling unit you have chosen. This means that you can go and hand in your samples straight away, but remember to follow our instructions before your sample collection.


The liver is the body's largest organ and has the task of purifying the blood.

Health Markers

Alate, alanine aminotransferase, is an enzyme found in the cells of the liver and the tissues of the body. The marker Alat, alanine aminotransferase, is used when liver cell damage is suspected.
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Alkaline phosphatases, ALP, are a type of enzyme that breaks down phosphate groups in organic molecules and are active at a higher pH value (alkaline).
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Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is an enzyme that is normally found inside the cells of the liver. In case of inflammation or irritation in the liver, AST can leak into the blood.
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GT, gamma
GT, gamma, is an enzyme that the body uses to break down amino acids. If liver or biliary tract disease is suspected, the GT value can be measured.
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It is important that you follow the specific instructions regarding fasting, time of sampling and any medications before you leave your sample. If there are specific indications for your test, you will find them above in the yellow information box. If you follow the steps below, you will be well prepared regardless of which test your sampling is for:

  • Fasting for 10 hours before sampling.
  • Leave the test before 10:00 in the morning.
  • Rest for 15 minutes in place on the sampling unit.
  • Bring valid identification.

The referral is available digitally at the sampling unit. Here you can read our guidelines for leaving samples.

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How does it work?

Master your health - three easy steps

1. Order a health check

Choose a health check or create your own by adding optional health tests to your cart. An e-referral is created and sent digitally to the sampling unit you have chosen.

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2. Leave the blood sample

Immediately after completing the purchase and receiving the order confirmation, you can leave samples at the selected reception. Your referral is valid for 5 months.

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3. Results with medical assessment

You will receive your test answers within 1-5 working days. The test results are displayed continuously after each completed analysis. When all the test results have been reported, you will receive an overall assessment by a doctor - valid when purchasing a health check.


With us you always get:

Qualitative analysis

To offer you the highest possible quality and service we collaborate with accredited laboratories and trained healthcare personnel.

Lowest possible price

Our vision is that as many people as possible should have the opportunity to improve their health. That's why we always strive to keep prices low.

Your needs – your choice

With us, you can always choose freely among all our health markers and design your own personal health check based on your needs.

Quick test results – reviewed by doctors

Within 1-5 working days you will receive your test results, these are reviewed and assessed by a doctor. In the event of significantly deviating test answers, you will be called. You can also make an appointment with a doctor for a personal review.

Questions and answers

Put the health tests or health checks you want to buy in the shopping cart then go to checkout and choose the payment option that suits you. After completed payment you will receive an order confirmation and your referral will be sent electronically to the sampling unit you have chosen and will be ready for your visit.

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We collaborate with Sweden's leading laboratories, Unilabs, Karolinska and Synlab, as well as sampling clinics at Encia so that you as a customer get the highest possible quality. This is where you go for sampling performed by their experienced staff. The analysis is performed by authorized personnel at Unilabs, Synlab and Karolinska.

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To create your own referral select the specific markers you want to test for in the shopping cart. When you complete your purchase, a separate referral is created based on your choices.

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It usually takes 1-5 working days to get your test results, these are sent to you continuously as the analysis is done. The doctors comment will appear in the final report when all test results have been received.

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No, blood tests do not replace contact with the healthcare system, which together with medical history, clinical examinations and possible blood tests can make a diagnosis.

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