Health check - Female


  • Health check designed for women.
  • Includes a total of 49 health markers.
  • Gives you information about your overall health.
  • Can identify early signs of health problems.

1 945 kr

Health check - Man


  • Health check designed for you as a man
  • Includes a total of 50 health markers
  • Gives you knowledge about your general state of health
  • Can identify early signs of health problems

1 945 kr

Hormonal balance
Hormone analysis woman

Hormonal balance

  • Health check for hormonal balance.
  • Hormonal analysis for you as a woman.
  • Get insight into your hormonal levels.

729 kr

Health check Large
  • Health check - Large.
  • Analysis of 52 health markers.
  • Helps you identify outliers.
  • A doctor's report is included in the health check.

2 195 kr

Hormonal balance plus
  • Comprehensive health check for hormonal balance.
  • Extended hormone analysis for you as a woman.
  • Get deeper insight into your hormonal levels.

1 595 kr

Health check - Rheumatism
  • Measuring antibody levels linked to joint pain
  • Indication for joint rheumatism
  • Analyzes blood status and inflammation values
  • The analysis is used in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

1 095 kr

Ordinary health check


  • Analysis of markers that affect the liver and kidneys.
  • Analysis of markers that affect the heart and blood vessels.
  • Control of the risk of possible diabetes.

795 kr

Woman Plus
Max health check

Woman Plus

  • Extended health screening for women.
  • 66 different health tests are included.
  • Several markers of hormonal balance.

4 595 kr

Vitamin and Mineral
vitamins and minerals health check

Vitamin and Mineral

  • Health check that measures your vitamin and mineral levels.
  • Analysis of markers affecting depression and fatigue.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.

1 295 kr

Health check man plus
Comprehensive health check

Health check man plus

  • Comprehensive health check for men.
  • Includes 65 different health tests.
  • Provides insight into your health data.
  • 10 different health areas.

4 595 kr

Testosterone Plus
Health check Testosterone plus

Testosterone Plus

  • Health check that gives an insight into your testosterone production
  • Analysis of markers that affect reduced muscle mass, feelings of pleasure and fatigue.
  • Gives you better conditions to optimize your health.

1 145 kr

Health check - Alcohol
Alcohol and liver tests

Health check - Alcohol

  • Measures your alcohol consumption over time.
  • Analysis of markers that control liver function
  • Private result, not shared with healthcare record.

619 kr

Thyroid test plus
Thyroid hormone test - Extended

Thyroid test plus

  • Measures your levels of the thyroid hormones T3, T4 and TSH.
  • Analysis of TPO antibodies (thyroperoxidase antibodies).
  • Analysis of TRAK thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor antibodies.

845 kr

Health check weight loss
  • Identifies barriers to weight loss.
  • Get increased insight into your metabolism.
  • Health check before or during weight loss.

795 kr

Thyroid test
Thyroid hormone test

Thyroid test

  • Thyroid test that measures three different thyroid hormones.
  • Analysis of the thyroid hormones T3, T4 and TSH.
  • Gives you insight into a possible imbalance of your thyroid hormones.
  • Identifies whether you have an underactive or overactive thyroid.

219 kr

Estrogen and progesterone
Hormone test estrogen and progesterone

Estrogen and progesterone

  • Measuring your estrogen levels.
  • Measuring your progesterone levels.
  • The value can be used when assessing hormonal imbalance.

225 kr

Depression plus
Health check Depression Plus

Depression plus

  • Health check for those who feel down or depressed.
  • Analysis of markers that affect your energy and hormones.
  • Gives you the conditions to feel better.

995 kr

Sport performance health check


  • Health check for those who exercise actively.
  • Analysis of markers that affect your performance.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.

1 895 kr

Health Check - Diabetes
  • Health check designed for annual control of diabetes
  • Includes a total of 15 health markers
  • Get knowledge and insight into your blood sugar values
  • Can identify early signs of diabetes

495 kr

CBC Test
Complete blood count and B cells test

CBC Test

  • Health check that measures your blood status.
  • Analysis of blood cells that affect your general health.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.
  • Indication of possible diseases.

159 kr

Heart and vascular test
  • Get insight into your cardiovascular health.
  • Indication of cardiovascular disease.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.

369 kr

Health check pregnant
  • Health check for you who are pregnant
  • Analysis of 28 relevant health markers.
  • Identifies gestational diabetes
  • Analysis of sex hormones and the thyroid gland

1 695 kr

Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency test

Iron deficiency

  • Measures your iron value and your iron depot.
  • Analysis of iron and ferritin.
  • Analysis of your blood status is included.
  • The test identifies any iron deficiency.

349 kr

Why should I book a health check?

Three common reasons for booking a health check

Discover potential health risks

A health check through a blood test gives you the opportunity to identify any abnormalities or health risks at an early stage.

Gain insight of your health

By analyzing different blood values, you can get an overall picture of your health and deeper insight into your body.

Optimize your health

Based on your health data, you can adapt your diet, lifestyle and optimize your nutritional intake in order to reach your personal goals.

Customize your own health check

With our range of health tests, you can create your personal health check according to your specific needs and health goals. Get answers to your values about the health markers that are relevant to you and your body. Choose freely between everything from cardiovascular tests, kidney and liver, blood sugar, vitamin and mineral status to hormone balance and inflammation markers.

Create your health check today

Health check via blood test

We understand that your health is important, and therefore we have created the conditions for you to be able to access your personal health data. With our range of affordable health tests combined with accurate analyzes via accredited laboratories, you can gain important insight into your values. Simple, safe, effective and above all affordable.

If you want to gain a deeper insight into your blood values, today it is easy to both order a health check and take part in the test results digitally. Regardless of which analysis you order, you can be sure that a legitimate doctor always reviews abnormal test results. We are also here if you have questions about our service or want to get in touch with a doctor for medical advice.

Through a health check, you can identify low or high blood values that you are not aware of yourself, but which could potentially develop disease. When you get a handle on your host, you have good conditions for preventing illness and optimizing your health. Often small changes in everyday life have a significant effect on how you feel and how your blood values are affected.

We will send your referral directly.

Order your health check today and take the step towards preventing disease, optimizing your health and gaining valuable knowledge about your body and well-being. Shortly after your order, we will send your referral containing all your tests to the reception you have chosen. Together with our affiliated partners, we are at over 100 different receptions around Sweden.