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A doctor's report is included on selected health checks and health tests

A doctor's report is included on selected health checks and health tests

With us, you receive a medical report from a registered doctor when you order a health check or health test where a medical report is included. The medical report contains an overall assessment of your results from laboratory analyses. The statement is individual and varies depending on which specific tests your health check includes.

What can I expect in the medical report?

The medical report will summarize the results of your test results to give you an assessment of your health including any deviations outside specified reference values. In case of abnormal values or needs, the doctor may also contact you for a free call in order to explain and talk about your results. Remember that a health check always includes specific test results based on your health and your personal circumstances. Values outside the reference ranges should therefore always be discussed with a doctor before any decisions regarding possible treatment are made.

What does the doctor look at during a health check?

When assessing a blood test or health check, the doctor looks at several different parameters to evaluate your health and identify any abnormalities. Below are some common aspects that the doctor can examine:

  • Blood status: The doctor checks the values of red and white blood cells and platelets to identify any signs of anemia, infection or bleeding tendency.
  • Nutrients and biochemical markers: Includes, for example, analysis and control of blood sugar levels (glucose), electrolyte levels (eg sodium, potassium), liver function tests (eg liver enzymes), kidney function tests (eg creatinine, urea) and lipid profile (eg, cholesterol, triglycerides). The test results give the doctor a better idea of your organ function, blood sugar level, cholesterol conditions and also other important aspects of health.
  • Inflammatory markers: The doctor may measure health markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP) or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (SR) to evaluate inflammatory conditions or confirm an ongoing infection.
  • Hormone levels: The doctor can check your hormone levels to assess hormonal imbalances or diseases, for example thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, T4), sex hormones or other specific hormones such as testosterone levels.
  • Specific tests: Depending on your goals for your health checkup or your medical history, the doctor may look into specific tests to investigate conditions or diseases, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiencies or autoimmune diseases.

In summary, the doctor weighs all test results based on the health check in order to assess your general health, detect any abnormalities and identify possible underlying medical conditions.

What happens if I have inconsistent test results?

If you have ordered a health check through us and your blood values are abnormal, a doctor will always contact you through the test result service. Different measures and advice will be given based on what specific abnormalities are observed along with your medical history. If you have any questions, please contact us.