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1. Company Information is operated by 19Plus AB, Själagårdsgatan 9, 111 31 Stockholm, (org no. 556983-2750). 19Plus AB is a registered care provider and is under the supervision of the Inspectorate for Care and Care (IVO).

2. Your privacy

In order for us to be able to fulfill our service and our commitments to you as a customer, we collaborate with external partners, who are also our personal data assistants, such as laboratories for sampling and analysis, hired healthcare staff and doctors for results and assessment, IT provider services such as for example communications and offers to you via email and SMS. All our partners who in some way have access to any personal data have, through personal data processing agreements, committed to treat personal data with confidentiality.

When you make your purchase with us, you also consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with privacy policy, read it here.

3. Services offers services in sampling and biomedical blood analysis as well as issuing test results with medical assessment and, if necessary, follow-up calls. Sampling and analysis takes place via our affiliated local laboratories. reserves itself for any errors in the information on To be able to use the service, it is required that you have a Swedish social security number or coordination number and that you are over 18 years of age (of legal age). does not provide healthcare, so Testmottagningens services can only be used as a supplement to traditional healthcare. In the event of concern and need for medical care, you should first contact your GP, health center or emergency medical care. By analyzing samples alone, it is not possible to determine whether a person is healthy or ill, therefore it is important that you also contact ordinary healthcare just as usual if you experience any symptoms that indicate illness.

4. Prices

The service is stated in Swedish kronor. reserves the right to adjust prices from time to time without notice. prices for health tests and health checks are the same even if sampling could not be carried out or if analysis could not be carried out at one of our affiliated partners for the chosen local laboratory. is not responsible for technical errors caused by the laboratory used for sampling and or analysis. complies with the Consumer Purchase Act (2022:260).

5. Payment and Fees

For services as health tests and health checks where sampling takes place physically at connected local laboratory, you pay online via payment service, "Klarna Checkout". For each order and individual sampling occasion, an administrative sampling fee of a total of SEK 150 is added. The fee is always the same regardless of the number of ordered health markers for which you wish to receive a test result.

Through the payment service Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, you are offered to pay via the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer - payment is made by debiting your account immediately after placing the order.
  • Pay Directly - automatic withdrawal from your bank account (direct debit) which is debited within 2 banking days of your purchase. Terms and conditions for direct debit can be found here.
  • Pay within 30 days, read terms here.
  • Account - split the payment with Klarna's account credit, read the conditions here.
  • The payment options that you are currently offered via Klarna Checkout are direct payment via your bank, card payment, Swish, partial payment and invoice. The invoice is preselected where possible. When paying invoices via Klarna, Klarna's current invoice terms and conditions apply at all times. Currently, Klarna's invoice terms are; 30 days credit, a reminder fee is added in case of non-payment. If you shopped for less than SEK 60, SEK 29.00 is added, and if you shopped for SEK 60 or more, SEK 60.00 is added in reminder fee. Also a late payment interest corresponding to 24% plus the reference rate determined by the Riksbank at any time.

    Klarna Checkout is a payment service that is free to use. This means that you as a customer do not have to pay any fee to use the service. However, it is important to note that taxes or fees may apply depending on the payment option you choose. For more information about these fees and terms, you should review the specific payment terms for the option you choose.

    Klarna reserves the right to add or remove payment options from Klarna Checkout at any time. This means that available payment options may vary depending on the time you use the service.

    You can find more information about Klarna at and all terms and conditions can be found here.

    6. Booking and ordering e-referral

    We reserve the right to change or cancel your booking or purchase if we do not believe we can fulfill the service adequately. We will then notify you of this immediately via e-mail and/or telephone.

    7. Validity of referral

    Your referral is valid for five (5) months from the day after ordering. If you have not gone to a laboratory or for sampling within five months, the purchase becomes due and the referral ceases to be valid.

    8. Analysis

    Analysis of health tests and health checks takes place at connected local laboratory partner.

    Antibody test and immunity profile for Covid-19 is performed with sampling through a blood sample, finger prick. The blood is analyzed by the machine manufacturer Attana AB and the result is sent to you digitally within seven (7) working days.

    9. Test results

    Health tests/health checks: Your test result(s) will be sent to you on an ongoing basis after the analysis is complete, within 2-5 working days (non-holiday weekdays: Mon-Fri) you should have received all your test results together with a complete report containing the respective test results for ordered health markers together with the doctor's assessment. In the event that one or more possible test answers are significantly deviant, you will also be called.

    10. Right of withdrawal and complaint

    You always have the right to withdraw from this agreement without giving any specific reason within 14 days before starting the test/event. broken packaging or sampling. Provided you have already completed a test or sampling, however, you cannot withdraw from the agreement. If you have not performed a test or taken a sample and withdraw from the contract, we will replace the payment we have received from you.

    The refund will be made as soon as possible without delay, but no later than 14 days from the day on which we are notified that you have changed your mind. We will use the same payment method for the refund that you used for purchase. The refund will not cost you anything. The cancellation period expires 14 days after the order date.

    If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service you have purchased from us, you are welcome to contact our support and express this. If something has happened to your samples along the way that they have become unusable, we will replace you with a new test. If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal or make a complaint, you must send an e-mail to our support at [email protected] and describe your case.

    11. Contact and customer service

    Contact us at [email protected] for questions, cooling-off period, complaints or complaints.

    12. Cookies

    By using services and website, you agree as a "User" to use of cookies. Read our cookie policy here.

    13. Force Majeure

    Force Majeure such as war, extensive labor dispute, blockade, fire, environmental disaster, serious spread of infection or other extent and/or cause beyond the party's control and which prevents the party from fulfilling its obligations and releases the party from this. Such exemption also applies on the condition that the business cannot be conducted under these conditions either. The counterparty must be notified immediately of circumstances that may apply this provision.

    14. Feedback and complaints

    We are constantly working to improve our business. If you are dissatisfied with the service we offer, you are welcome to contact us directly at [email protected].

    15. Disputes and laws

    Swedish law shall be applied to all purchases according to these terms and conditions.

    Last updated May 3, 2023.