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Start the journey towards a healthier workplace – cost-effective health checks for you and your employees.

Health Checks

Employee - Female
Corporate Health Care

Employee - Female

  • Health check for female employees.
  • For increased insight into overall health.
  • Identifies risk factors for preventive purposes.
  • Test results are evaluated by a licensed physician.

1 750 kr

Employee - basic
  • Blood tests for commonly occurring abnormalities.
  • Provides insight into cardiovascular disease
  • Identification of thyroid disorder
  • Includes B12, iron and cortisol

995 kr

Employee - Large
  • Comprehensive health check for female and male employees in companies.
  • Analysis of 51 health markers.
  • Helps you to draw attention to possible deviant values.

1 950 kr1 729 kr

Employee - Male
  • Health check for male employees.
  • For increased insight into overall health.
  • Identifies risk factors for preventive purposes.
  • Test results are evaluated by a licensed physician.

1 750 kr

Health checks through blood tests in combination with a solid health declaration provide increased insight into the health of both employees and employers.

Our offer

Qualitative analysis

We collaborate with accredited laboratories and trained healthcare personnel to ensure that you and your employees receive the highest possible quality.

Market leading prices

Our vision is that as many people as possible should have the opportunity to improve their health. That's why we always strive to keep prices low.

Quick test results and medical report

All test results are issued within 1-5 working days, these are reviewed by a doctor. In the event of significantly deviating test answers, you or your employees will be called.

4 benefits of health checks at work

Healthier and happier employees

Health checks can help detect health problems at an early stage, which can lead to employees receiving earlier treatment and thus being able to stay healthier and have better overall health.

Reduced sickness absence

By detecting and treating health problems early, sickness absence can be reduced, which can lead to lower costs for the company and a better working environment for other employees.

Higher productivity

Healthier and happier employees are usually more productive and motivated at work because both mental and physical health go together.

Attractive employer

Offering health screenings to employees can also make the company more attractive as an employer, especially to candidates looking for employers who show they care about the health and well-being of their employees.

How it works

Sweden's most affordable health checks. Getting started with preventive health checks at the company should be simple, safe and cost-effective.

Activation of referral

Each employee receives a personal code that is used to activate the referral to the health check. As soon as that is done, the employee can go and drop off their samples.

Leave your samples

Welcome for a pleasant visit to one of our connected clinics. Each employee chooses clinic during the activation of their health check.

Test results and follow-up

Digital test answers are continuously sent to the journal, within 1-5 working days all test answers have been received. A licensed doctor evaluates the health declaration and test results and gives a medical opinion.

Invest in the health of your employees for increased well-being, health and job satisfaction

Health problems caused by the work environment are very common, one in three experiences problems such as fatigue and body aches linked to their work. Factors such as high workload, work-related stress, stressful work positions and prolonged sitting are underlying causes of the increasing ill health in Swedish workplaces, according to reports from the Swedish Work Environment Agency.

Jesper Halldin, Key Account Manager

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Business - FAQ

Evaluating the effectiveness of health checks is important to ensure that they are contributing to positive outcomes for your employees and the company.

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A combination of communication, subsidized or free health checks and flexible hours can be an effective way to increase participation in health checks and increase health and wellness awareness among employees.

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In general, it is good to offer health checks regularly, for example once a year, to detect health problems in time and improve health in the long term.

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The costs of offering health checks to your employees can vary depending on factors such as the extent of the health checks you want to offer and the number of employees.

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The most effective health checks to offer depend on the company's needs and budget, as well as the health risks most relevant to the employees. Many companies offer their employees the larger health checks that give a good overview of the individual's general health.

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No information from the employees' test results or other information they provide will be shared with you as an employer. You will receive statistics on how the package you have purchased is used.

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