Our Covid-19 tests with travel certificates

Are you travelling and need a travel certificate for COVID-19? We have several locations in Stockholm and Göteberg where we perform both antigen tests and PCR tests that confirm that you do not have Covid-19. We are constantly following the pandemic to ensure quality and collab with market-leading players to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. Regardless of which covid tests you choose to book, you will always receive test results and travel certificates on the same day.

Antigen test with travel certificate

295 SEK

Within 1h
✓ Safe sampling.
✓ Digital travel certificate within 1 hour.
✓ Issued by a licensed doctor.
✓ Safe sampling.

Antibody test

595 SEK

✓ The test shows concentration of antibodies.
✓ The value is presented in the unit BAU/mL 0 - 200 >.
✓ Easy sampling by finger-stick.
✓ Digital result the same day.


895 SEK

Within 6h
✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test. ✓ Digital certificate within 6 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week. ✓ Issued by a certified doctor. ✓ Safe sampling (throat sample).

PCR Express 3 hours

1295 SEK

Within 3h
✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test. ✓ Digital certificate within 3 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week. ✓ Issued by a certified doctor. ✓ Safe sampling (throat sample).

PCR Answer same day

749 SEK

Same day
✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test. ✓ Digital certificate same day - regardless of day in the week. ✓ Issued by a certified doctor. ✓ Safe sampling (nasofaryngeal).

Antigen test or PCR test, which test should I choose?

Usually it is the authorities in the country or region that you are going to travel to that determine which covid-19 test is approved for entry and the period of validity. The airline or tour operator can also set their own requirements for the tests. It is therefore very important that you investigate what applies to your particular trip. In general, a PCR test is more reliable and thus allows most countries to enter with PCR test with a validity period of up to 72 hours. Antigen tests are in many cases approved and can be applied with a reduced validity period, for example 42 hours. The rules regarding tests and validity change continuously, the latest information can be found at swedenabroad.se

PCR-test COVID-19

  • Sampling in the back of the throat with tops.
  • Travel certificate within 6 hours.
Book a PCR test with travel certificate

Antigen test COVID-19

  • Saliva, throat or nasal sampling.
  • Travel certificate within 1 hour.
Book an antigen test with a travel certificate

1 hour before sampling, you should not:

Drink & eat
Snuff or smoke
Brush teeth
Chew gum
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