We perform PCR and antigen tests including travel certificates. Fast, convenient and secure.

Do you need a travel certificate that proves you do not have Covid-19? Do like over 150,000 others, book an appointment for RT-PCR or Antigen test at our Testmottagning in Stockholm. We are connected to the E-health authority's Covid certificate and also offer several other health tests such as allergy and intolerance tests.

Make an appointment for an antigen or PCR

Antigen test with travel certificate

Within 1h
✓ Safe sampling
✓ Digital travel certificate within 1 hour
✓ Issued by a licensed doctor
✓ Safe sampling

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245 SEK

Paid on site

Immunity profile Covid-19

  • ✓ Gives insight into your immunity to covid-19.
  • ✓ Measures the concentration of your antibodies.
  • ✓ Measures the quality of your antibodies.
  • ✓ Measures the effectiveness of your antibodies.
  • ✓ Analysis of both the Omikron and Wuhan variants.

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795 SEK

Paid on site

PCR test answer within 6 hours

Within 6h
✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test
✓ Issued by a certified doctor
✓ Safe sampling (throat/nasal)
✓ Digital certificate within 6 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week

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1295 SEK

Paid on site

PCR Express 2 hours

Within 2h
✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test ✓ Issued by a certified doctor ✓ Safe sampling (throat sample) ✓ Digital certificate within 2 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week

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1595 SEK

Paid on site

PCR Answer same day

Same day – no later than 00:00
  • ✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test
  • ✓ Digital certificate same day - regardless of day in the week
  • ✓ Issued by a certified doctor
  • ✓ Safe sampling

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895 SEK

Paid on site

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Travel certificateEU certificate*Japanese certificate
Antigen - Nasal
Antigen - Saliva
PCR - Throat
PCR - Nasopharyngeal

* We are connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Antigen testing for nasal sampling

Nasal sampling in the nostril with soft sampling stick. Sampling is less invasive than when sampling from the nasopharynx. The method means a milder and smoother sampling for you. The Antigen test is CE marked and listed on the EU common list.

Book an appointment for the antigen test with a travel certificate

Simple reliable antigen test, entirely based on saliva

We apply saliva sampling as our antigen tests only requires it. The antigen test is CE marked and meets WHO's recommended quality requirements. Test results and travel certificate within 1 hour.

Book a Covid-19 antigen test

Simple and safe PCR test through throat swab

Avoid sampling through your nose. We apply sampling by throat swabs as our RT-PCR analysis technique only requires it. The sampling swab is carefully inserted into the back of the throat by our experienced staff and gently spun around for about 5-10 seconds. Your test result and travel certificate will be sent to your email address within 6 hours *.

Book a Covid-19 PCR test

RT-PCR test with digital travel certificate within 6 hours - regardless of time of day and day of the week.*

After sampling, we send a digital travel certificate (PDF) written in English to your email address. Signed by a certified doctor and with QR code.

* Your test result will arrive within 6 hours for PCR and 1 hour for Antigen unless otherwise notified by staff.

Frequently asked question and answers

We understand that you have many questions about how it works. We have gathered the answers to some of the most common questions below regarding our tests and the coronavirus.

You will receive your test answer the same day. We use the latest technology in PCR testing through Qlife's CE marked EGOO HEALTH SYSTEM. You will receive your test result within 6 hours from the time you took the sampling. The antigen test is a saliva-based and approved antigen test from Vitrosens. You will receive your test answer within 1 hour from the time you took the sampling.

You will receive the travel certificate within 6 hours (PCR). When sampling for Antigen test, you will receive the travel certificate within 1 hour. The travel certificate is sent digitally via e-mail and SMS.

Your test shows that you have coronavirus in your body (SARS-CoV-2). The PCR test shows a virus, whether it is an active virus or an inactivated virus, which can be tested positive several days after the infection.

PCR(Polymer Chain Reaction) Is a DNA-based method used to detect germ plasm from viruses such as Corona. PCR test is the safest test to identify an ongoing covid infection. When traveling abroad, many countries require you to present a medical document certifying that you have recently had a PCR test that shows that you do not have coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in your body.

The visit does not take more than 5-10 minutes, all we need is a pharyngeal test performed by topping for PCR or saliva test for Antigen.

No, you are welcome to book a test regardless of nationality.

You need to have a valid passport or ID. If you are traveling abroad, we recommend that you carefully check how close to your departure the test must be performed.

Vitrosens Biotechnology™ är ett salivbaserat snabbtest utvecklat i Turkiet som är snabbt, enkelt och praktiskt att använda. Provtagningen utförs genom att du lämnar ett salivprov i en behållare som därefter analyseras på plats. Provsvaret redovisas efter 15 minuter och ditt reseintyg utfärdas inom ca 1 timma.

PCR-prover analyseras lokalt på testmottagningen genom Qlife Egoo.health som använder isotermiskt PCR -teknik som heter Strand Invasion Based Amplification (SIBA). Testet är specifikt utformat för att identifiera coronaviruset SARS-CoV-2. \n\nAntigen-testet (Vitrosens) som vi använder är ett salivbaserat antigen-test som analyseras lokalt på respektive mottagning. Provresultatet levereras tillsammans med reseintyget inom ca 1 timma.

The cost for testing and getting a travel certificate is SEK 795 for PCR and SEK 249 for antigen. Payment is made at the time of sampling by card at the reception. We do not have the option of cash payment.
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We are connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate

This applies to all test clinics and means that you can have your EU travel certificate issued via the Covid certificate without extra cost after a negative covid-19 test, as well as a certificate of recovery if you test positive with in our clinics. We can issue certificate of recovery at least 11 days after a positive test result.

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PCR och antigentest med reseintyg

The certificate is issued in English and signed by a licensed doctor. The travel certificate contains the following information:

✓ Full name
✓ Passport number
✓ Social security number
✓ Address
✓ Test result
✓ Time for sampling
✓ Time of issue of the medical certificate

Are you planning on travelling and need a certificate? Many countries require a travel certificate with a negative test result to show that the COVID-19 virus is not present in your body when entering the country. Please note that planning ahead and taking your test in good time before travelling is your own responsibility. For more information, we refer you to visit Sweden Abroad.

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