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How long will it take before I receive my test results and the doctors comment in a consolidated report?

Test results will be sent out to you on an ongoing basis as they have been analyzed and we have received them from the laboratory. The final comment by doctors will only come when all test answers have been received from laboratory, provided it is included in your analysis. Some samples are not analyzed on a daily basis, examples of these are allergy, hormones and some minerals and therefore there can sometimes be a delay before you receive the final report with the doctors comment.

Some samples may also need to be sent to another location to be analyzed and then this can also mean that there will be a delay in your test results. Normally, the test answers are sent out continuously to you between 1-5 working days (non-holiday weekdays, Mon-Fri). If more than 5 working days have passed since you submitted your test and you still have not received a response, please contact us at customer service.

Should there be something about your sample that makes it impossible to analyze or that something has gone wrong during the analysis, our goal is to immediately relay the information and possible action to you as soon as we are informed of this.