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With us, you always have an open purchase for 14 days. This means that you can always return a purchase within 14 days as long as you have not left the blood sample at one of our affiliated clinics. If you want to change your order or make a return, we refer you to our customer service. The referral is valid for 5 months

After completing the order, you will receive an activation code to select reception and activate the referral. After you have activated the referral, you have a five months to leave your samples.

Split Payment

Shop everything today, but pay a little each month. With Klarna, you can easily split the amount.


You receive the invoice via Klarna and then pay it before the due date. There is no statutory payment period; the final payment date is shown on the invoice.

Pay Directly

At, you can pay directly with Visa or MasterCard.

After completing the purchase, you have the opportunity to choose a reception for sampling through our service zample™. You activate the referral online using the activation code that we send to your email. After that, all you have to do is leave your blood sample at the reception that suits you best.