Rheumatoid Arthritis Test


  • Measuring your Anti-CCP value.
  • Demonstrates rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
  • Indication for joint rheumatism
  • Blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis.

495 kr

High-sensitivity CRP


  • Measuring your CRP value.
  • Highly sensitive CRP test.
  • Identifies a possible (latent) inflammation.
  • Inflammation test.

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White blood count
  • White blood count WBC
  • Differential count of leukocytes..
  • Indication for your immune system

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  • Immunoglobulin A (IgA) blood test.
  • If mucosal infection is suspected.
  • For evaluation in case of recurrent infections.

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  • Analysis of Immunoglobulin G (IgG).
  • The body's most common antibodies.
  • Analysis of your immune system.

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  • Analysis of Immunoglobulin M
  • For identification of ongoing infection.
  • Evaluation of the immune system status.

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EB virus antibodies

Glandular fever

  • Analysis for glandular fever.
  • Control of EBV antibodies.
  • Ensure your immunity to EB virus.

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P-PSA and free/total ratio

PSA Plus

  • Prostate control based on blood analysis.
  • Analysis of P-PSA (total PSA).
  • Analysis of the ratio between PSA-Free/total.

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Prostate cancer test


  • Measures the concentration of PSA in the blood.
  • Gives you insight into your PSA value.
  • Recommended for men between 50 and 75

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Rheumatoid arthritis test

Rheumatoid factor (RF)

  • Measuring antibody levels linked to joint pain
  • blood analysis is used in the diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • Indication for joint rheumatism

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CRP (Rapid Test)

Rapid Test CRP

  • Measures your CRP value (rapid test).
  • Demonstrates any ongoing inflammation.
  • Demonstrates any ongoing infection.
  • Measures from the first day in case of illness.

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Infection and Immunity


  • Detects TBE infection.
  • Checking your TBE vaccine
  • Ensure your immunity to TBE.
  • Analysis of antibodies IgM & IgG

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