How do I order a health test or a health check with you?

In order to be able to order a health test or a health check through us, you need a Swedish social security number or a valid reserve number. You can choose to order optional health tests or a health check. It can also add health tests to a health check if you feel something is missing.

If you choose to add a test that is included in a health check, the test will automatically be removed from your shopping cart to avoid paying for tests that are already included. Payment takes place through Klarna Checkout, which offers several different payment options for you as a customer, both invoice, Swish and card payment. After completed payment, we will send you an activation code which you can then use to activate your referral and choose reception. If you want, you can also give the activation code as a gift to another person who can use it to complete the tests.

Once you have activated the referral, you can visit the reception you have chosen to submit your test when it suits you. An activated referral is valid for 5 months. As soon as your test answers are received, your results are reported in the test answer service "My journal"