Apolipoprotein A1

Apo A1

Apolipoprotein A1 is the main protein component of high-density lipoprotein, HDL-cholesterol "the good cholesterol", and protects against cardiovascular diseases.

What is Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A1)?

Blood fat disorders (lipid metabolism) give an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A1) is found in HDL cholesterol, the "good cholesterol" with anti-inflammatory properties, and transports excess cholesterol from the cells to the liver for burning, which contributes to a reduced fat deposit in the blood vessels.

What can high or low levels of Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A1) mean?

During treatment with estrogens, antiepileptic drugs and regular alcohol intake, high levels of Apolipoprotein A1 are seen.

Diabetes mellitus, obesity and liver diseases are seen at a low level of Apolipoprotein A1. Low level is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

No recommendations for apolipoprotein A1 have been established, but it has been suggested that the desirable level should be >1.25 g/L for women and >1.15 g/L for men.

Apolipoprotein B (Apo B)

Apolipoprotein B (Apo B) is the protein component of LDL cholesterol, also called "the bad cholesterol". Apolipoprotein B contributes to the transport of LDL cholesterol and can cause the LDL cholesterol to get stuck in the blood vessels, which affects the walls, which then become stiff, which in itself can lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What is the reference range for Apo A1

The reference range for Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A1) in blood tests may vary slightly depending on the laboratory and the specific method used. The value also differs between women and men and generally the normal reference range for Apo A1 is between 0.76 to 2.14 g/L. Below, the gender-specific value is reported:

Reference interval P- Apolipoprotein A1

Women: 0.76 – 2.14 g/L

Men: 0.79 – 1.69 g/L

Tests containing the marker Apo A1

Heart and vascular tests

Heart and vascular tests

Heart- and vascular test

Apo A1

  • Analysis of (Apo A1).
  • Measuring apolipoprotein.A1
  • Protein component of HDL-Cholesterol.
  • Recommended with (Apo B).

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Health checks

Health checks

Heart and vascular test
  • Get insight into your cardiovascular health.
  • Indication of cardiovascular disease.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.

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Heart specialist's cholesterol profile
  • Health check with heart specialist.
  • Statement by a specialist in cardiology.
  • Analysis of your cholesterol profile, blood fats.
  • Consultation for possible treatment is included.

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Health check Large
  • Health check - Large.
  • Analysis of 52 health markers.
  • Helps you identify outliers.

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Health check man plus
Comprehensive health check

Health check man plus

  • Comprehensive health check for men.
  • Includes 65 different health tests.
  • Provides insight into your health data.
  • 10 different health areas.

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Woman Plus
Max health check

Woman Plus

  • Extended health screening for women.
  • 65 different health tests are included.
  • Several markers of hormonal balance.

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Sport performance health check


  • Health check for those who exercise actively.
  • Analysis of markers that affect your performance.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.

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