White blood cells

Neutrophil granulocytes

There are several different types of white blood cells, neutrophil granulocytes are one, these have all important tasks for the body's immune system.

What are neutrophil granulocytes?

Neutrophil granulocytes are a type of white blood cells that are important for the body's defense against infections. They are known to fight bacterial infections by eating the bacteria. Neutrophil granulocytes are the most common type of white blood cells in the human body and their levels in the blood can increase during infections or inflammation.

Why analyze neutrophil granulocytes?

Neutrophil granulocytes are analyzed to examine the body's defenses against infections and to identify any problems with the immune system.

What can a low value of neutrophil granulocytes be due to?

Low levels of neutrophils may indicate a serious infection or other disease that affects the body's ability to produce white blood cells.

Low neutrophil values can also be caused by certain medicines, vitamin deficiency (mainly vitamin B12 and folic acid) or excessive alcohol consumption.

What can a high value of neutrophil granulocytes be due to?

Increased levels of neutrophil granulocytes can indicate an ongoing infection or inflammation in the body and can also be seen during, for example, physical exertion and cortisone treatment.

Differential count of B cells

Differential count is a medical examination that aims to determine the proportion of different types of white blood cells (leukocytes) in a blood sample. The differential count is an important part of a complete blood count and can provide important information about the general state of the immune system and any problems or diseases that may be related to white blood cells.

Differential counting can be done both by mechanical classification (most common) and by examining the blood under the microscope where you count different types of white blood cells, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, basophils and eosinophils. Each type of white blood cell has its own function and a change in the level of these cells can provide information about what is happening in the body.

Tests containing the marker Neutrophil granulocytes

Complete blood count

Complete blood count

  • Measures your neutrophil granulocytes.
  • Analysis of white blood cells.
  • Can detect deficiencies in the body's immune system.

29 kr

Health checks

Health checks

CBC Test
Complete blood count and B cells test

CBC Test

  • Health check that measures your blood status.
  • Analysis of blood cells that affect your general health.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.
  • Indication of possible diseases.

159 kr

Health check - Female


  • Health check designed for women.
  • Includes a total of 48 health markers.
  • Gives you information about your overall health.
  • Can identify early signs of health problems.

1 795 kr

Health check - Man


  • Health check designed for you as a man
  • Includes a total of 45 health markers
  • Gives you knowledge about your general state of health
  • Can identify early signs of health problems

1 795 kr

Independent health check
Health check on your terms

Independent health check

  • Analysis of 46 health markers.
  • For control of vital health areas.
  • Self-referral without a doctor.

1 495 kr

Health check Large
  • Health check - Large.
  • Analysis of 52 health markers.
  • Helps you identify outliers.

1 995 kr1 795 kr

Health check man plus
Comprehensive health check

Health check man plus

  • Comprehensive health check for men.
  • Includes 65 different health tests.
  • Provides insight into your health data.
  • 10 different health areas.

4 595 kr3 895 kr

Woman Plus
Max health check

Woman Plus

  • Extended health screening for women.
  • 65 different health tests are included.
  • Several markers of hormonal balance.

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White blood count
  • White blood count WBC
  • Differential count of leukocytes..
  • Indication for your immune system

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