How do I use my gift card?

All tests and health checks at can be bought and given away as so-called gift cards, as each purchase generates a unique activation code that can be used once. If you have received a gift card, there is a referral waiting to be activated by you.

Activation is done in our sample answer service zample™, which requires you to have or create an account in zample™. Here's how to use your gift card:

  • Log in or create an account here:
  • Fill in your information such as social security number, etc.
  • Click the button "Activate a new referral" and paste the activation code you received, it is 16 characters long and contains both letters and numbers. Now you should see which health check or health test your activation code contains.
  • Choose the sampling unit you want to leave the test at. Now your referral is ready for your test.

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