Diabetes typ 1

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the body to no longer produce insulin. Insulin is a vital hormone that regulates blood sugar levels in the body.

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When insulin production is reduced or absent, it results in elevated blood sugar levels, which can cause serious damage to the body both in the short and long term. Daily insulin therapy is required to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It is also important to be physically active and adapt the diet to the disease in order to feel as well as possible.

Diabetes type 1 is characterized by a constant high blood sugar level. At the onset of the disease, symptoms such as fatigue, increased thirst and frequent urination appear. Weight loss and blurred vision are also common early signs of illness

Common symptoms of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes include:

  • General tiredness and lack of energy, both physically and mentally
  • Increased urine production and the need to urinate more often than usual
  • Increased thirst
  • Fog vision
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Cramps in the calves
  • Fungal infections in the vagina

If type 1 diabetes is not detected and treated in time, it can lead to acute symptoms. High blood sugar levels can result in ketoacidosis, which means the body becomes dehydrated. If you are already being treated for type 1 diabetes, you may also experience hypoglycemia, which is a low blood sugar level. This can be a consequence of an imbalance in sugar regulation, for example due to excessive insulin doses. The symptoms of these conditions are not always clear, and confusion and impaired consciousness can occur with both low and high blood sugar levels.

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