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That's how much we drink in midsummer - do you have a handle on your alcohol habits?

That's how much we drink in midsummer - do you have a handle on your alcohol habits?

Midsummer is one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden, and for many it also means enjoying alcoholic beverages. But how much do the Swedes actually drink during Midsummer? This is how 1,000 Swedes answered about their alcohol habits at midsummer.

This is what Swedes' alcohol consumption looks like during the midsummer celebration

According to the survey carried out last year by SIFO on behalf of WW Weight Watchers, seven out of ten Swedes planned to drink some form of alcohol during the Midsummer celebration. Average consumption was expected to land at 5.4 standard glasses per person. It is interesting to note that men had higher expected consumption at 6.3 standard glasses, while women were expected to drink 4.4 standard glasses.

At the same time, the survey showed that a significant proportion of Swedes, 17 percent, have previously drunk more alcohol than they really wanted or intended during midsummer. It is also worth mentioning that almost every tenth Swede has suffered from severe nausea as a result of alcohol consumption during previous Midsummer celebrations.

Popular midsummer drinks – beer, wine and brandy

Beer, wine and brandy are the most popular alcoholic beverages during midsummer. According to the survey, 45 percent of Swedes planned to drink beer, followed by wine with 41 percent and brandy with 24 percent. There are also some differences in taste preferences between the sexes, with one in two women preferring wine while six out of ten men choose beer.

Nearly one in four (23 percent) Swedes planned to be completely sober during the midsummer celebration.

Drink responsibly with moderation and enjoyment - or abstain from alcohol completely

It is always important to have a responsible attitude to alcohol consumption - regardless of whether it is during midsummer or on other occasions.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • drink responsibly - stick to moderation and avoid overconsumption
  • supplement the alcohol intake with enough water to avoid dehydration
  • don't drive if you have consumed alcohol - choose alternative means of transport
  • offer alternative non-alcoholic drinks for those who do not drink alcohol or prefer to be sober - you can do this both as a host and as a guest at a party.

Test your alcohol habits

Do you want to gain deeper insight into your alcohol habits and an assessment of your alcohol consumption? With our PEth-test you can discover your alcohol consumption and assess your alcohol habits in a simple and reliable way. You can also choose our Health Check Alcohol, which in addition to phosphatidylethanol (PEth) also provides answers to other health markers linked to the liver and hemoglobin. In this way, you can get answers to your alcohol levels and assess your alcohol habits in a comprehensive way.

5 tips for those who do not want to drink alcohol

Here are five good tips for those who do not want to drink alcohol at a midsummer party or other party where alcohol is usually present:

  • Communicate your choices: Be clear and open that you will not drink alcohol at the party. Explain your reasons if you feel comfortable doing so. Most people will respect your decision.
  • Have a non-alcoholic drink in hand: Keep busy with a non-alcoholic drink in hand, such as a non-alcoholic beer, cider, soda or mocktail. It can help avoid questions or pressure about drinking alcohol.
  • Be a part of the party: Focus on participating in the other activities of the party, such as dancing, mingling, playing games or helping with the preparations. Engage in conversation and enjoy the company without alcohol playing a central role.
  • Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage: Bring non-alcoholic options to the party so you are sure there are non-alcoholic options for you.
  • Find support: Try to identify other guests who, like you, choose not to drink alcohol and socialize with them. It can be easier to stick to your decision when you have like-minded people around you.
Be proud of your decision not to drink alcohol

Remember that you have the right to celebrate and enjoy the Midsummer party on your own terms. Be proud of your decision not to drink alcohol and have a nice party!

Conclusion - alcohol consumption in midsummer

Alcohol consumption during the Midsummer celebrations in Sweden is relatively high, and it is important to be aware of your alcohol habits and make conscious choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By choosing quality over quantity and drinking slowly and with pleasure, you can reduce the risk of alcohol consumption spiraling. It is also important to remember that there are many options for those who want to alternate with non-alcoholic drinks or abstain from alcohol altogether.

You can read the entire survey from WW Weight Watchers here (only in Swedish).

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