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With zample™ you see all your test results and can follow your health progress for better well-being.

Testmottagningen.se is part of the technical platform zample™ which collects all your test answers in one and the same place, regardless of whether you have tested yourself through Testmottagningen.se or one of zample™ connected partners.

zample™ collects all your test answers in one place - this is how it works

When you order a health check or a health test with us at Testmottagningen.se, you also create an account in zample™ to be able to access your test results. As the analyzes become complete for your markers included in your health check or health test, your results are published continuously within your zample™ account.

After full analysis of all your markers, you can review your full report of your test results and see the doctor's comment.

If you later choose to do a follow-up test on one or more markers, you will also be able to see how your values for these have changed over time.