Testmottagningen.se in Collaboration with Unilabs

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For your peace of mind, we at Testmottagningen.se collaborate with Unilabs for sampling and analysis of your samples.

Unilab's Swedish laboratory medicine operations have been accredited since 1995 and since 2001 have had joint accreditation by SWEDAC in accordance with standard ISO 15189: 2012 "Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence" for all laboratories. This means that the laboratory meets the requirements for both management systems and technical competence.

Testmottagningen.se in Collaboration with Unilabs

Through our collaboration with Unilabs, you as a customer are offered to go to any nearby laboratory at any of Unilab's sampling units for sampling. When ordering and receiving order confirmation from us, an e-referral is sent directly to your selected sampling unit.

Leave Blood Samples at Unilabs

Your e-referral is valid for 5 months from the order date. After your order, you can leave your blood sample at any time at the selected sampling unit at Unilabs, do as follows:

  • follow the instructions regarding any fasting etc. for your particular health test or health check
  • bring valid identification
  • follow the instructions on site
  • wait for test results and medical assessment from Testmottagningen.se by Zample.

Unilabs - Leader in Diagnostics in Europe

Unilabs is one of Europe's leading diagnostic companies and stands out from the crowd through its unique offer of specialist services in lab, imaging diagnostics and pathology under the same roof.

Quality, Safety and Service in Focus

Unilabs provides services in laboratory medicine and imaging and functional diagnostics to both open and closed healthcare. In laboratory medicine, Unilabs performs analyzes in clinical chemistry, microbiology, pathology/cytology and transfusion medicine.

Competent Staff

Unilabs currently has around 1,300 employees in Sweden, the main professional groups are biomedical analysts, radiology nurses and doctors with specialist skills in radiology or laboratory medicine.