Testmottagningen.se in Collaboration with SYNLAB

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For your security and peace of mind, we at Testmottagningen.se collaborate with SYNLAB for sampling and analysis of samples.

For your security, we at Testmottagningen.se collaborate with Synlab for sampling and analysis of your samples. Synlab is a leading medical laboratory and diagnostic company with operations in Sweden. They offer a wide range of laboratory tests and diagnostic services in various medical fields. Through its high-tech laboratories and expertise, Synlab Sweden works to contribute to early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of various diseases and health conditions.

Testmottagningen.se in collaboration with Synlab

Through our collaboration with Synlab, we can offer you as a customer the opportunity to visit a nearby laboratory at one of Synlab's sampling units for sampling. When you order and receive an order confirmation from us, an electronic referral (e-referral) is sent directly to the sampling unit you have chosen. This simplifies and streamlines the process for you as a customer. Instead of having to contact the laboratory yourself and arrange the sampling, everything is handled smoothly through the collaboration between us and Synlab. By sending the e-referral directly to the sampling unit, it will be easy for them to prepare for your visit and carry out the sampling according to your needs and wishes.

Leave blood samples at Synlab

Your e-referral is valid for 5 months from the order date. After your order, you can submit your blood sample at any time at the selected sampling unit at Synlab, do as follows:

  • follow the instructions for any fasting etc. for your particular health test or health check
  • bring valid identification
  • follow the instructions of the selected sampling unit
  • wait for test results and medical assessment from Testmottagningen.se by Zample.

SYNLAB is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of laboratory medicine services

SYNLAB Sweden was started in 1975 as Medilab. During the years 2006 - 2019, we were part of the healthcare group Aleris. Since 2019, SYNLAB Sweden is part of Europe's largest laboratory group, SYNLAB Group. SYNLAB offers the Swedish healthcare system a high-quality and efficient laboratory medicine service with high availability. SYNLAB is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of laboratory medicine services in Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Pathology and Cytology. The company's team consists of experienced medical specialists, researchers and technicians who work together to ensure accurate and accurate analyses. By combining its expertise with innovative techniques and advanced analysis systems, Synlab Sweden strives to deliver high-class diagnostics and reliable results to its customers. With a focus on patient safety, efficiency and accuracy, Synlab Sweden continues to be an important player in medical diagnostics and contributes to promoting health and well-being in society.