Alcohol consumption marker

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth)

PEth (phosphatidylethanol) is a metabolite of alcohol in the form of a membrane-bound phospholipid, which acts as a direct and specific marker of alcohol intake during the last days and weeks.

What is PEth (phosphatidylethanol)?

PEth is only formed in the presence of ethanol and can be used as a marker of alcohol intake in clinical tests. The PEth concentration gives indications of the extent of alcohol intake.

A single occasion of intoxication does not produce measurable levels of PEth. The half-life is about 4 days. Depending on the starting value, PEth can be detected up to 4 weeks after the end of alcohol intake.

Reference range - high and low PEth value

  • <0.05 µmol/L indicates no or only sporadic alcohol consumption.
  • Values of 0.05-0.30 µmol/L indicate moderate alcohol intake.
  • <0.30 µmol/L indicates extensive and/or regular alcohol intake.

PEth half-life

The half-life of PEth, which is the time it takes for half of an initial amount of PEth to be broken down in the body, is about 4 days. This means that if a person has drunk alcohol and formed PEth, half the amount of PEth will have been broken down after 4 days, and after another 4 days another half will have been broken down.

Knowing the half-life of PEth is important when interpreting PEth results, as it can affect how long a person's alcohol consumption can be detected using PEth.

Tests containing the marker Phosphatidylethanol (PEth)

Health checks

Health checks

Health check - Alcohol
Alcohol and liver tests

Health check - Alcohol

  • Measures your alcohol consumption over time.
  • Analysis of markers that control liver function
  • Private result, not shared with healthcare record.

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Other health tests

Other health tests

Alcohol consumption test - PEth


  • Measures your alcohol consumption over time.
  • Private result, not shared with care record.
  • Alcohol-specific biomarker Phosphatidylethanol (PEth).
  • Compare with B-PEth limit value.

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