Heart and vascular

The heart and blood vessel tests measure specific blood values related to the heart and blood vessels and give you insights into important risk markers for cardiovascular diseases. Order blood tests and sampling here.


Complete blood count & Blood Differential

Erythrocytes RBC

Red blood cells erythrocytes are the most common type of blood cells in humans. These are responsible, among other things, for transporting oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the body.


Complete blood count & Blood Differential

Hematocrit, EVF

Hematocrit, EVF, a percentage of red blood cells in the blood, shows oxygen transport and health.


Total amount of hemoglobin

Hemoglobin mass

Hemoglobin mass is affected by several factors such as number of red blood cells, size and amount of hemoglobin mass in each cell. Higher hemoglobin mass results in better oxygen delivery and reduced fatigue during physical activity.