Antigen and antibodies

HIV1/HIV2- Ab/Ag

HIV1/HIV2- Ab/Ag is an analysis that is commonly used before IVF treatment or during pregnancy. The analysis is a combination test for the identification of antibodies and antigen.

What is HIV1/HIV2- Ab/Ag?

The assay is capable of detecting HIV-1 (genotype A-J), including o-cluster virus and HIV-2. Positive test results must be verified with specific tests. A person with proven antibodies against HIV is considered contagious and is reported according to the Infection Control Act, furthermore a new sample and analysis needs to be carried out with specific tests for a conclusive result.

Why is HIV1/HIV2- Ab/Ag analyzed?

Within the context of IVF treatments and during pregnancy, it is relevant to carry out tests for HIV antigen and antibodies to rule out the potential risk that one of the prospective parents carries HIV. The purpose of these tests is to guarantee that the treatment can be carried out under safe conditions. This means that one strives to minimize the risk of the virus being transmitted to the expected child, as well as to protect the other parent and healthcare staff from possible infection.

Response time in HIV1/HIV2- Ab/Ag?

The response time can vary depending on the laboratory and when your blood sample was received, usually the samples are sent from the reception where the sampling takes place. Normal response time is between 1 - 5 days, however note that it may take longer.

Tests containing the marker HIV1/HIV2- Ab/Ag

IVF screening
Screening infectious diseases

IVF screening

  • Fertility screening.
  • Analysis for infectious diseases.
  • Designed for IVF treatment

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