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Borrelia IgM Antibodies

Borrelia IgM antibodies are the body's early defense against Borrelia infections. They are produced upon exposure to Borrelia bacteria and are particularly prominent in first-time infections, persist in the blood for over a year, and are weak or absent in a new infection in previously infected individuals.

What are Borrelia antibodies IgM?

Borrelia antibodies IgM are immunoglobulins of the IgM type that the body produces in response to an infection with Borrelia bacteria, which cause the disease Lyme disease. These antibodies play a central role in the body's initial defense against Borrelia infections.

When does the body produce Borrelia IgM antibodies?

When the body is exposed to Borrelia bacteria, the immune system responds by producing specific antibodies, including IgM antibodies. The production of Borrelia antibodies IgM is part of the body's early immune defense against Borrelia infections. In the case of a first infection with Borrelia, an IgM response first occurs, after which IgM antibodies can remain in the blood for over a year. In the case of a new infection in someone who has previously had Lyme infection, the IgM response is either weak or completely absent.

IgM antibodies are detected in the blood in the first few weeks after a Borrelia infection, making them useful markers for recent infections.

How is Borrelia infected?

When Borrelia bacteria have been transferred to a person through a tick bite, they can cause an infection, Lyme disease. It is important to be aware of the symptoms of Lyme and seek medical attention if you suspect you have been infected, especially if you have been bitten by a tick or live in areas where Lyme-carrying ticks are common.

Analysis of Borrelia antibodies IgM

There are various tests available to detect Borrelia antibodies, including IgM tests. These tests can be performed by taking a venous blood sample and analyzing it to identify the presence of IgM antibodies against Borrelia bacteria. Borrelia IgM testing occurs in newly suspected Borrelia infections, as IgM antibodies are usually detected early after infection.

h3>Significance of Borrelia antibodies IgM test

Positive results for Borrelia antibodies IgM may indicate a recent infection with Borrelia bacteria. It is important to note that a positive test result does not necessarily mean that the person is currently ill, as IgM antibodies may remain in the blood even after the infection has healed.

Summary of Borrelia IgM

Borrelia antibodies IgM is an important part of the body's early immune defense against Borrelia bacteria. Tests for Borrelia antibody IgM can provide valuable information about a person's recent exposure to Borrelia bacteria and help guide treatment decisions.

Tests containing the marker Borrelia IgM Antibodies



Borrelia test
Borrelia antibody test

Borrelia test

  • Test if Lyme disease is suspected
  • Analysis of antibodies against Lyme disease
  • Analysis of both IgM and IgG

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