Nutrient deficiency – Here are 6 nutrients that are commonly deficient

Nutrient deficiency – Here are 6 nutrients that are commonly deficient

Nutrient deficiency in various substances is relatively common among Swedes. In most cases, deficiencies can be addressed through dietary adjustments, but sometimes dietary supplements may be needed. Here, we list six common nutrient deficiencies that you can test for. Additionally, you will find out which nutrient many believe they are deficient in, but is actually not so commonly occurring.

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The symptoms of nutrient deficiency are numerous and can manifest as everything from fatigue to weakness, dizziness, concentration difficulties, pallor, muscle cramps, and depression. Here you can read more about symptoms of various nutrient deficiencies.

When suspecting nutrient deficiency, it can be important to test for different markers depending on the nutrients you suspect deficiency in and the symptoms you experience. Here are some common tests you can do to detect nutrient deficiency:

  1. Vitamin D deficiency: To detect vitamin D deficiency, the marker S-25-hydroxy is tested.
  2. Iron deficiency: Markers to detect iron deficiency include hemoglobin, ferritin, iron, and transferrin.
  3. Vitamin B12 deficiency: To detect B-12 deficiency, the marker cobalamin is tested, which shows your B12 levels.
  4. Folic acid deficiency: Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is the synthetic form of folate. To detect deficiency in this substance, folate levels in the blood are tested.
  5. Zinc deficiency: Analysis of serum zinc levels can indicate possible zinc deficiency.

Uncommon with magnesium deficiency

Something many believe they are deficient in is magnesium, but the fact is that magnesium deficiency is relatively rare. Yet, magnesium is one of the most sold dietary supplements. Here you can read more about symptoms of magnesium deficiency, what high and low levels of magnesium can be due to, and how to get magnesium through diet. Unsure about your magnesium levels? Test them with our magnesium test before considering supplements.

Do you have nutrient deficiency? Test your vitamins and minerals

By measuring your levels of important vitamins and minerals, you'll get an overview of how you stand in all the markers above plus a few more. Read more and order the blood test Vitamins and Minerals here.

Relaterade tester

Health checks

Health checks

Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency test

Iron deficiency

  • Measures your iron value and your iron depot.
  • Analysis of iron and ferritin.
  • Analysis of your blood status is included.
  • The test identifies any iron deficiency.

349 kr

Vitamin and Mineral
vitamins and minerals health check

Vitamin and Mineral

  • Health check that measures your vitamin and mineral levels.
  • Analysis of markers affecting depression and fatigue.
  • Gives you the conditions to optimize your health.

1 295 kr

Mineral tests

Mineral tests

Zinc deficiency


  • Measuring your zinc level.
  • Indicates possible zinc deficiency.
  • Indication for low testosterone production.

195 kr

Vitamin tests

Vitamin tests

Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D

  • Measures your level of vitamin D.
  • Identifying vitamin D deficiency
  • Get answers to whether any symptoms may be due to vitamin D deficiency.

295 kr229 kr

Anemia test


  • Measuring your folate levels.
  • Indicates possible folate deficiency.
  • Indication for anemia.

85 kr

  • Measures your levels of vitamin B12.
  • Indication of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Low levels can lead to anemia.

159 kr

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