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Recharge your batteries during the summer - a health check can help you

Recharge your batteries during the summer - a health check can help you

Summer is a magical opportunity to take time off from everyday stress and routines, relax or, on the contrary, maximize the entire activity calendar. Regardless of how your summer is planned, it can be a golden opportunity to take a little extra care of your health and review your well-being by checking how you feel on the inside.

Order a health check this summer

Finally summer is here and with it comes holidays, relaxation and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. Summer is a time when we seek out sunny beaches, green meadows and quiet lakes to recharge our batteries and create memories to take with us for the rest of the year and hopefully for life. But in the midst of all this sunny chaos, it is also important that we take the time to review our health and well-being. And what could be more appropriate than doing a health check?

Health always comes first, right?

When the sun is shining and the holiday spirit is in the air, it's easy to suppress thoughts of health and instead focus on enjoying every moment. But the fact is that summer can actually be the perfect time to tackle our health. During the holidays, we usually have more time and energy to devote to ourselves, to stop and reflect on our well-being.

Doing a health check can be a big step in taking care of yourself by gaining more insight into your blood values during the summer months. At the same time, you get a good basis for a possible follow-up later on, as the summer is a perfect opportunity to implement changes in your everyday life with the aim of optimizing your values. With a major health check, you also get a clear indication of your state of health and relevant health data about any risk factors or imbalances that can be crucial in detecting early signs of future health problems.

Improve your health and values

It's not just about finding potential problems and abnormalities - a health check also gives you the opportunity to get confirmation that you're taking care of yourself in the best possible way. By seeing the good results of a healthy lifestyle, we can feel proud and inspired to continue our journey towards wellness.

So let's not just sit back and enjoy the sunny days of summer, make sure to take the time needed to take care of yourself and your health.

Which health tests should I choose?

We understand that each person is unique and has different needs, especially when it comes to health. Therefore, we have designed our service to give you the freedom to combine different health tests from our range so that you can order the analyzes that are relevant to you.

If you find it difficult to choose yourself, we recommend that you order one of our broader health checks targeting woman or man . Here we analyze your blood values in several different areas that give you a clear picture of your general health status.

Relaterade tester

Health check - Female


  • Health check designed for women.
  • Includes a total of 48 health markers.
  • Gives you information about your overall health.
  • Can identify early signs of health problems.

1 795 kr

Health check - Man


  • Health check designed for you as a man
  • Includes a total of 45 health markers
  • Gives you knowledge about your general state of health
  • Can identify early signs of health problems

1 795 kr

Health check - Alcohol
Alcohol and liver tests

Health check - Alcohol

  • Measures your alcohol consumption over time.
  • Analysis of markers that control liver function
  • Private result, not shared with healthcare record.

619 kr

Ordinary health check


  • Analysis of markers that affect the liver and kidneys.
  • Analysis of markers that affect the heart and blood vessels.
  • Control of the risk of possible diabetes.

795 kr