Half of the Swedes have elevated cholesterol levels, do you know yours?

Half of the Swedes have elevated cholesterol levels, do you know yours?

More than half of Swedes have higher LDL cholesterol levels than is recommended. This is something the specialist in cardiovascular diseases, Marcus Hjort, wants to change. "- High LDL cholesterol represents an unnecessary risk that can be prevented with early detection."

Over half of Swedes have too high LDL cholesterol values

The science surrounding blood fats, where cholesterol is an important measurement value, is constantly developing and new research results influence the recommendations for optimal cholesterol levels. An important indicator is LDL cholesterol, the "dangerous" cholesterol, which should be below 3.0 according to Swedish and European guidelines. Exceeding values increase the risk of atherosclerosis and thus the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke and early death. For many Swedes, where over half have LDL values above 3.0, it is high time to check their values in order to implement lifestyle changes or start treatment in time.

Marcus Hjort, specialist in cardiovascular diseases and doctor in the field shares his expertise: "High LDL cholesterol poses an unnecessary risk, especially when there are scientifically proven, safe and effective treatments."

Now we know that LDL cholesterol (the "dangerous" cholesterol) should be below 3.0. Higher LDL than that leads to atherosclerosis in the blood vessels and in the long run to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, stroke or premature death. LDL values above 3.0 mean that the risk of being affected is approximately 30-45% during life. The higher your LDL value, the higher your risk. In addition, more than half of Swedes have LDL above 3.0 and are in the risk zone.

It is possible to promote good cardiovascular health and prevent disease. By regularly checking your cholesterol levels, you create good conditions for detecting risks, and can thus start the necessary measures in time.

What is your LDL value?

Do you know your LDL value? Here at Testmottagningen.se you will find blood tests that measure your blood fats such as HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, cholesterol (total) and triglycerides.

The heart specialist's health check

For those of you who want to go in depth and get a thorough analysis and a good overview of your cardiovascular health, we have developed the Heart Specialist's cholesterol profile. The test results in the new health check are reviewed by Marcus Hjort, specialist in cardiovascular diseases, and you receive a combined report with recommendations on how you can promote good cardiovascular health based on your results.

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Health checks

Health checks

Heart specialist's cholesterol profile
  • Health check with heart specialist.
  • Statement by a specialist in cardiology.
  • Analysis of your cholesterol profile, blood fats.
  • Consultation for possible treatment is included.

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