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You can only book an appointment if you have first placed an order.

Health checks that can be done at the reception

Health check - Female

1 795 kr

Health check - Man

1 795 kr

Health check Large
General health check

1 995 kr1 795 kr

Woman Plus
Max health check

4 595 kr3 795 kr

Health check man plus
Comprehensive health check

4 595 kr3 795 kr

Ordinary health check

795 kr

Independent health check
Health check on your terms

1 495 kr

Health check and blood test in Lund

Welcome to MACC People for a comprehensive health check and blood test. The reception is at Trollebergsvägen 5, which makes it easy and convenient for you to visit us. With us, you will be met by professional and friendly healthcare staff who will ensure that your health check and sampling is carried out with the utmost accuracy and care. Our practice is equipped with modern facilities to ensure that all procedures, from a simple blood test to full health checks, are carried out according to the highest medical standards. All samples are analyzed by the Synlab laboratory, which guarantees accurate analysis and the highest quality results.

  • Test response: Your test result will be available within 1 -5 working days. This means that you can see your test answers at www.testmottagningen.se within the specified time frame.

  • Personalized Doctor Comment: When you receive your test results, they will be accompanied by a personalized doctor's comment when choosing a health check. This comment can help you understand the results and what they mean for your health.

  • Seriously outliers: If your test results show seriously outliers, a by the doctor at the test clinic to call you. This is to give you immediate attention and possible guidance about the next step in your care or treatment.

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You can only book an appointment if you have first placed an order:

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2. When you have received your order confirmation, you can go in and book an appointment at your chosen reception under "locations" in the menu.

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