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Health checks that can be done at the reception

Health check - Female

1 795 kr

Health check - Man

1 795 kr

Health check Large
General health check

1 995 kr1 795 kr

Woman Plus
Max health check

4 595 kr3 795 kr

Health check man plus
Comprehensive health check

4 595 kr3 795 kr

Ordinary health check

795 kr

Independent health check
Health check on your terms

1 495 kr

Health check and blood test in Landskrona

A warm welcome to MACCBILEN in Landskrona, which is a mobile unit where you can leave blood samples for health checks or optional tests from our large range. Check the appointment to see the location and current times to give your blood sample. You will be met by professional and friendly healthcare staff who will ensure that your health check-up and sampling is carried out with the utmost accuracy and care.

After your visit with us, whether for a health check or blood test, your results will be available within 1-5 business days. You can easily and safely retrieve your results in the test answer service, where you can also communicate with the doctor or ask questions. If you have any questions or need additional tests, our experienced staff is ready to assist you.

Regardless of whether you need a regular health check, a specific test or want an overall assessment of your health, you are always welcome. We look forward to interpreting your test results and assisting in taking care of your health in the best possible way.

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You can only book an appointment if you have first placed an order:

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