Here's how you know which blood tests require fasting

Here's how you know which blood tests require fasting

Some markers require blood samples to be taken fasting in order to ensure analysis and be set against reference values. Here is a list of common blood tests that require fasting – and important tips on how to see what applies to your particular one.

Fasting Before Blood Tests

It is important that you fast before certain blood tests, as it ensures that your values can be measured accurately and compared against reference values. If your blood test requires fasting, this will be indicated in the information provided with the health check or health test. If in doubt, you can contact us at customer service.

Some of the most common health checks that require fasting include:

  • Health Check Male
  • Health Check Female
  • Comprehensive Health Check
  • Diabetes Health Check
  • Health Check Male Plus
  • Health Check Female Plus
  • And more.

Some of the most common blood tests that require fasting are:

  • Iron
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Free and total Testosterone (applies to men)
  • And more.

All tests with specific guidelines are marked

Blood tests that require fasting are marked with "fasting test" next to the product's name. If in doubt, you can contact us at customer service.

In addition to fasting, there may also be other guidelines regarding what applies to your specific test. Most of our health checks include markers that require fasting or have a diurnal variation, therefore it is important to be aware of the requirements for the health test or check you are undergoing.

Read more about fasting tests and diurnal variation here.

Relaterade tester

Heart and vascular tests

Heart and vascular tests

blood fat test


  • Measuring the level of Triglycerides
  • Risk marker for cardiovascular disease
  • Should be combined with HDL and LDL

29 kr

Hormone tests

Hormone tests

Testosterone test


  • Measuring your level of testosterone.
  • Analysis to identify testosterone deficiency.
  • Get increased insight into your testosterone level.

169 kr

Health checks

Health checks

Health check - Female


  • Health check designed for women.
  • Includes a total of 48 health markers.
  • Gives you information about your overall health.
  • Can identify early signs of health problems.

1 750 kr

Health check - Man


  • Health check designed for you as a man
  • Includes a total of 45 health markers
  • Gives you knowledge about your general state of health
  • Can identify early signs of health problems

1 750 kr

Testosterone Plus
Health check Testosterone plus

Testosterone Plus

  • Health check that gives an insight into your testosterone production
  • Analysis of markers that affect reduced muscle mass, feelings of pleasure and fatigue.
  • Gives you better conditions to optimize your health.

1 095 kr

Mineral tests

Mineral tests

Iron deficiency test


  • Measuring your iron levels.
  • Get an insight into the body's iron stores.
  • Indication of possible iron deficiency.

59 kr

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