Leave your blood samples at the Karolinska University Laboratory

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Leave your blood samples at the Karolinska University Laboratory for sampling and analysis of samples.

The Karolinska University laboratory offers the possibility of blood sampling and analysis. Karolinska University Laboratory is a prominent player in medical diagnostics and laboratory operations in Sweden. With a deep foundation in academic research and clinical practice, they have established themselves as a trusted resource in the healthcare sector. Their extensive experience and specialist knowledge enables them to offer a range of advanced laboratory tests and diagnostic services in various medical fields.

The Karolinska University Laboratory strives to promote health and well-being through early detection, treatment and control of various diseases and health conditions. With advanced technology and rigorous quality control, they ensure accuracy and reliability in their analyzes and results. Their dedicated team of scientists, doctors and technicians work continuously to explore and implement the latest scientific findings and methods in medical diagnostics.

The Karolinska University Laboratory functions as an important link in the care chain by offering a range of services that support both clinical practice and medical research. Their work covers everything from routine blood tests to specialized molecular tests. By combining expertise, innovation and established protocols, they strive to improve patient care and contribute to scientific progress in medicine and biomedical research.

Leave a blood sample at the Karolinska University Laboratory

After you have placed your order, you can leave your blood sample at the selected sampling unit at the Karolinska University Laboratory.

  • Follow the instructions provided for any fasting or other preparation for the specific health test or health screening.
  • Bring a valid ID.
  • Follow the instructions on the selected sampling unit.
  • Wait for the test results and the doctor's report via the test response service, usually you will have all the test results within 1-3 days.