Great Wall of China

Covid-19 PCR test – Travel certificate for China offer Covid-19 sampling with PCR-test and Antigentest. We issue travel certificates signed by a doctor/licensed physician in case of a negative test for travel to China. is located in Stockholm.

The PCR test is an RT-PCR test, provided the test result is negative the following information will appear on your travel certificate under your personal data:

Has been tested NEGATIVE for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). SIBA / ISOTHERMAL RT-PCR test via Qlifes Q200 Egoo System automated In Vitro Diagnostic medical device (IVDD), registered under GMDN Code 61039 and CE-marked. Analyze reagent: Egoo SARS-CoV-2 Lysis Buffer that contains SIBA R1 Buffer.

Other information that is on the certificate: name, birthday, passport number, testing date and time, test reagents, results, doctor’s signature, telephone number of the institution (Testmottagningen).

PCR-test for travel to China

We provide PCR-test with three different options depending how fast you need the test result and your travel certificate. You can choose between:

✓ PCR-express and get an answer within 2 hours
✓ PCR Answer same day and get an answer on the same day as the sampling, no later than 24:00
✓ PCR test answer within 6 hours if you need a guaranteed answer within 6 hours from the sampling.

Applicable restrictions and any references for what applies when entering China can be found at

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