Stockholm, Nacka forum

Romansvägen 12, 2 tr, 131 40 Nacka

Our testcenter in Stockholm, Nacka forum

Welcome for testing on Romansvägen 12 (floor 2) of PCR test and Antigen test including travel certificate. We also offer antibody tests. The clinic is centrally located in Nacka by Nacka Forum. Next to Swedbank and opposite O'learys you will find the entrance, then take the lift to level 2

Antigen test with travel certificate

Antigen test with travel certificate within 1 hour

395 kr
Antibody test

Antibody test - Only booking in Gamla Stan, Torsplan and Nacka Forum in Stockholm

595 SEK

RT-PCR test with travel certificate within 6 hours

895 kr
PCR Express 2 hours 

PCR test with travel certificate within 2 hours

1495 kr
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PCR-test utförs i hals med reseintyg



895 SEK incl. travel certificate

✓ CE-marked RT-PCR-test.
✓ Digital travel certificate within 6 hours.
✓ Issued by a certified doctor.
✓ Safe sampling (throat sample).
Antigen saliva test with travel certificate


Antigen test

395 SEK incl. travel certificate

✓ CE marked and meets WHO's recommended quality requirements
✓ Digital travel certificate within 1 hour
✓ Issued by a licensed doctor.
✓ Safe sampling (saliva).


Antibody test

595 SEK

✓ The test shows concentration of antibodies
✓ The value is presented in the unit BAU/mL 0 - 200 >
✓ Easy sampling by finger-stick
✓ Digital result the same day

RT-PCR test with travel certificate within 6 hours & antigen test within 1 hour.*

After sampling, we send a digital travel certificate (PDF) written in English to your email address. Signed by a certified doctor and with QR code.

* Ask the staff on site for confirmed delivery time. At high pressure, the time may vary.

Make sure to find out what covid-19 test you need to do before your travel.

Are you planning on travelling and need a certificate? Many countries require a travel certificate with a negative test result to show that the COVID-19 virus is not present in your body when entering the country. Please note that planning ahead and taking your test in good time before travelling is your own responsibility. For more information, we refer you to visit Sweden Abroad.

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